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Project News

Since the inception of "The Stockton DNA Surname Project" in early 2003 we have been successful in scientifically verifying the following....

Although no written or documented evidence has been found proving a connection between the Robert Stockton of Pennsylvania and Davis Stockton of Virginia families, Some Stockton researchers have long thought this may be the case, but without any existing traditional documentation it remained speculation. We now know, and have scientifically verified through DNA testing, that these two families are indeed related through an earlier common male ancestor, Robert and Davis were possibly brothers, at the least cousins. Now researchers can take up the task of determining how they were related and who that common ancestor may be!

Richard "The Emigrant" Stockton (1628 - 1707) of the New Jersey family line has a much researched family with a rich history, but little is known about his life or family in England, who were his parents, possible siblings ?. Some Stockton researchers have entertained the idea that The Richard Stockton and Robert Stockton lines may have been related. We now know, from DNA testing, that Richard Stockton of Princeton, New Jersey family line, is a separate and distinct family with no matches to the Robert and Davis lines. We have also proven, through DNA testing, that this New Jersey line originated in Cheshire, England.

July 2010:

News: The 25 marker DNA results for Gerald Stockton (of Chester,England) are just in (see G Group DNA Results). The results are a perfect match to the Richard Stockton line of New Jersey and prove conclusively that Richard "The Emigrant" Stockton was originally from Cheshire, UK. Gerald's own research into his family tree has taken him back to 1730 in Wybunbury, Cheshire. The UK based Stockton Society will be making great efforts to research this line further and to try to discover a link to the Malpas line of Richard "The Emigrant". Gerald has further upgraded his test to the 37 marker enhancement and this will be posted on this site as soon as it available. See also www.stocktonsociety.com

January 2007:

Happy New Year : The project continues to grow and we now have our first Australian member - Esmond Stockton. A warm welcome. We also have some very sad news as we report on the passing of Ron Stockton of Wichita, Kansas, in 2006. Ron was a very keen researcher into his Stockton roots and edited his own web site. www.ronstockton.com. We send our sincere condolences to family and friends.

June 2006:

We now have 40 members who have donated their DNA to the project. We are continuing to see the defined grouping of the various Stockton lines and we welcome our latest members, Nigel and Calvin from the Stockton Society in the UK.

December 2005:

Welcome to our newest members - Leldon Lee, Emil, Tim and Robert David Stockton, your results have now been added to this web site. April brings the total membership of The Stockton DNA Project to 31…We are waiting on the lab results of our 5 newest members…2 from the UK and 3 from the US…Results will be posted as soon as they are received…..So keep in touch!

2003 & 2004:

The Stockton DNA Project" has its first project member from the UK, we now have 13 Stockton DNA project members representing 4 documented family lines and 3 distinct bloodlines.

June 13, 2003:

"The Stockton DNA Project" has been contacted by several of our English Stockton Cousins and a few members of "The Stockton Society" inquiring about inclusion in the project.........Stay tuned! .

The Stocktons of Princeton NJ